If your Amazon Alexa skill has to play some short MP3 tracks in the response, you have to provide a tracks that satisfy Alexa audio requirements. It may be tedious to do this for each track you'd like to add in your skill's response. Also it may be difficult to do this on the fly if your skill generates an audio track dynamically.

This web service enables you to convert MP3 files easily and perform conversion even on the fly.

How to insert audio tracks in skill's response

Amazon Alexa supports SSML audio tag and can play short MP3 in the response. Thus you can insert this tag in the Text block. Just enable Speech synthesis markup toggle and paste SSML with audio tag, for example

<audio src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/77mddjvfn4ybz0q/intro.mp3"/>
How to convert MP3 manually

Just go to the tools.aimylogic.com and click on Select MP3 button. Select audio file with mp3 extension and wait a couple of seconds while our web service converts it.

Please note that you have to provide only short audio tracks up to 90 seconds length

Then you may publish a resulting track somewhere (on your Dropbox for example) and then use a direct link to this file in your text block

Use audio tag in Speech Synthesis Markup field

How to convert tracks on the fly

If you cannot provide a static URL to your converted MP3 file, you can use our API to convert audio tracks on the fly. Just provide an URL to the original MP3 file in the URL like

And then insert such URL in the Text block in Speech synthesis markup field

<audio src="https://tools.aimylogic.com/api/convert-audio?url=your_original_mp3_url"/>
Aimylogic will convert your original MP3 file on the fly and provide Alexa a final result in your bot's response.
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