Block audio

Block audio allows you to add an audio file to your voice assistant scenario.

You can use the prerecorded actor's voice, some music or any other audio file.

File requirements

The file should meet the following requirements:

— it should be in .mp3 format;
— not larger than 10 Mb,
— not longer than 240 seconds.

How to add block audio?

If you would like to add block audio to the existing screen, click + BLOCK button at the screen. Then choose block audio.

If you would like to add a new screen containing block audio, point at the empty space of the scenario, wait for the button + ADD SCREEN to appear, click + ADD SCREEN, then choose block audio.

Add the audiofile

You can either add the audiofile from your computer, or use a link.

Add from your computer

Drag and drop the file to the space of the block, or click Attach file to choose the file on your disk.

Using link

Click Using link, then paste the link to the audio file in the HTTPS format.

Your can paste scenario variables into URL. Bot will use them automatically during the scenario execution

Bot will use the file automatically duing the scenario execution. To use variable to refer to the audio file, you need to add HTTP-response block before this audio block and to create a correct HTTP-response to the service that will contain the link to your audio file.


These are the recomendations in case one of the errors appear.

The selected file is in the wrong format. Please select an mp3 or .wav file not larger than 10 Mb.

Your file is larger than 10 Mb or longer than 240 seconds. Reduce the file size / length or use another file.

File was not saved. Please try once again. If the error reappears, please contact support.

Please try again. If the error appears again make sure that the file you are trying to add meets the requirements. If the issue reappears, contact support.

The file storage limit is reached. Please contact support.

There is a limit of 1 Gb per one account. If you have reached this limit, contact support.

The URL is incorrect. Please use an HTTPS link.

Please use the HTTPS link to the audio file.
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