Aimylogic enables bot to append buttons and links to the Text or Image response.

Button types

There are two types of the button in Aimylogic - a regular button and link to the website.

Regular buttons

Regular buttons are just a quick replies that can be sent by the user without voice or chat interaction with a bot. User just clicks on the button, and bot receives a button's text as a query.

You can add regular buttons to the text or image replies in your scenarios. Click on Button to add a new button. Then type a label of the button and hit Enter key. Then you can connect this button with any screen of your scenario. Once the user clicks on this button, your bot jumps to the screen this button is connected to.


You can also add buttons that work as links to any website. Once the user clicks on such button, a web browser opens a website.

Note that bot doesn't receive any request if user clicks on such button

To add link instead of regular button just click on Button to add a button. Then type a buttons's label and then click on the link icon. A field will appear - here you have to paste an URL of website you wish to open.

Hit Enter key once you've finished.

Variables in links

You can also use variables in the URL of the link. Aimylogic replaces variables with an actual values during the scenario execution. Thus you can generate dynamic links.

For example, you can provide an URL like this$userId

userId is a system variable of Aimylogic. The bot will replace it with an actual value before rendering of this button in the response, and once the user clicks on such a button, your website will receive an actual user ID through an id parameter of URL.
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