FAQ Bot feature enables you to embed answers on frequently asked questions about your service into your bot. After that your bot will be able to answer on these questions automatically.

Thus the user can ask something in any point of scenario, and the bot will answer with the right response from the prepared knowledge base.

Note that the scenario's flow of your bot won't be affected if user asks something in the middle of the dialog
How to create FAQ bot

Click on FAQ bot menu item. Here you can create an empty knowledge base or create it from the prepared template.

After that you can add questions and answers to the knowledge base. For each pair you can define synonyms of the question and multiple answers - bot will pick a random one each time.

Please note that Aimylogic trains on your examples, so it's better to provide as many synonyms for each question as you can to achieve the best results of intent recognition

How to import FAQ from Excell

Instead of filling the knowledge base manually, you can import complete FAQ from any Excell file, and Aimylogic will create the base automatically for you.

Your Excell file should have two columns. The first one should contain a text of the question, and second column should contain a text of the answer. Please refer to the sample sheet to see how it should look like.

To import your file just click on the Import button on the top of your FAQ bot settings page and select the file from your disk.
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