Aimylogic combines NLP (natural language processing) technologies and visual constructor for the dialog's logic development. Thus with Aimylogic you can easily build intelligent chatbots and voice apps even without programming skills.

Aimylogic vs Dialogflow
There are some points that differ Aimylogic from another widely used NLP tool from Google named Dialogflow.

Visual editor. With Aimylogic you can see the flow of the dialog you develop, not only a flat list of intents. With Dialogflow you can create a tree of intents, and even connect them into a dialog's graph, but with Aimylogic it's much easier to create and manage multistep dialogs viewing the possible user's input and appropriate bot's replies on a single canvas.

Non-linear dialogs. With Dialogflow it's impossible to build non-linear dialogs without coding. Thus if your bot or voice skill needs to select some dialog's branch depending on the context, you have to write a server-side code and share the knowledge about the dialog's intents and structure between Dialogflow and your code. With Aimylogic you don't have to code anything to build non-linear scenarios.

Webhooks. If you need some server-side logic for your bot, you can use Aimylogic's Webhook feature. There is a fulfilment concept in Dialogflow, but you have to share the knowledge about all intents and dialog structure between fulfilment code and Dialogflow to create server-side logic. Aimylogic's webhooks keep your code clean from the dialog's content, and only calculate the data for your scenario. Thus you can create dialog's scenario independently from the code.
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